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gracie says:
I love her kids nick is so funny and I LOVE how will and a couple other of his teammates came to the hospital and was so sweet to the kids, SEVEN SHADES OF SUNDAY HAHAHAHA IM DYING she was
... just like I wanna suck your dick in your car and then she's like never seen someone get up and sprint so fast in my life HAHAHAHA, When Nick died it was so sad, Her mother is a complete Bitch, It makes me so mad cause this book was so and when I mean so I mean SO it was SOOOO close to being 5stars it truly was well actually it is cause I'm still debating right now weather to give this 5 or 4 stars cause I mean I was BEYOND ENRAGED more than Will cause its like she can tell Leo but she can't tell Will that she love him I actually cried CRIED well that might be cause a different reason But the point is that she could tell someone who left her she loves them and then we find out that Leo is not really a Jackass and throughout the whole story Leo has looked like one of the biggest assholes ever and I blame that on thy Author but I'm making peace with it and I'm not mad at the Author but I kind of am but it's whatever I'm still debating tho, That car drive with the girls talking about orgasms I WAS DYING IN LAUGHTER TEARS HAHAHAHA,88% on a Percent scale GRADE:AMoreLess
Play With Me
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Guest 2 months ago

it was so amazing but I wanted more finish too fast I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it

Guest 5 months ago

I so much love this book

tigergirl001 9 months ago

My older sister read this

DARLYme2017 a year ago

Absolutely loved this book. Very hot and spicy at times. Sweet and sensitive at other times. I loved the characters.

Guest a year ago

Loved it good read
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