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catcor says:
Hmm. A difficult one to rate. It has many of the elements that I enjoy in a speculative fiction novel: an interesting premise; a BDO that requires explanation; a region of the world that i
...s not commonly explored.However, without truly misfiring, I never fell in love with the book. The hero is an odd combination of lack-of-confidence coupled with physical indestructibility. The villain is a dull thug. The "subhuman" zombie hordes are at this point such an SF/Fantasy cliché that I internally groaned every time the protagonists found themselves in a situation that required fighting them off. Worst of all, the female supporting characters all suffered from a surfeit of male gaze and a lack of autonomy. Tania, the most fleshed out of the females, is persistently described by her looks, rather than by her abilities or actions. It is all very well for the author to lampshade the voyeuristic pleasure felt by the villain when two of the female characters are coerced into a videotaped lesbian sex scene in a shower - it doesn't hide the fact that the author felt it necessary to include a coerced lesbian sex scene in a shower in a scene that doesn't require it. (I have no moral qualms about the inclusion of any sort of sex scene in a novel - just don't make it too blatantly exploitative!)Still, I read the novel to the end - the gunfights were fun, the aircraft crashes were thrilling, and the world was intriguing.Ultimately, I'm interested in what happens to the world, and why it happens - I just don't care what happens to these particular characters because they could be replaced so very very easily.Afterthought - don't space elevators need to touch down on the equator?MoreLess
The Darwin Elevator
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Guest 2 months ago

This book is pretty scary at the beginning of the book! Isn't it scary? Or Not! A blah blah blah! A blah blah blah, A blah blah blah.

HummaHugga 3 months ago

It is so refreshing to read a book like this that is not like anything else I have read. Don't pass this one up! And its the FIRST of a series. Thanks Jason!

ecogdill 9 months ago


ecogdill 9 months ago

just kidding i loved the book please make another one i am looking forward to it.

Guest 10 months ago


Guest 11 months ago

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