The Hammer of Thor (2016)

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This is by far the best YA Fantasy book I've read this year.
I've felt for a long time how Rick Riordan has tried to be inclusive in his work, it all started with a little gay boy and even if people


gave him so much shit for it he stood by his choice and he kept doing it and this book is the proof of that. This book has the most beautiful rainbow of characters that i've ever read.
In this book we are introduced to a new character, Alex, another child of Loki.
This was my first time reading about a gender fluid character, I have zero experience with this, I don't wanna say it was a perfect portrayal because I don't know any gender fluid people personally but as a reader I can say that it felt fair and I was very satisfied. Alex was a very strong character, he/she was lovable and there was not moment where it makes you uncomfortable to read about her/his life, in fact you just want more, want him/her to be your friend and have crazy adventures and maybe make her/him smile. I respect this character a lot and I'm really looking forward to read more.

The plot is getting good, I'm a bit sad that this series is only getting 3 books because I don't want it to end.
The only little detail that has me eskeptical is the whole Norse Gods and Greek Gods sharing a universe and I'm very curious about how Rick is to work with that in the next book.

The Hammer of Thor
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Guest 19 days ago

I still like Percy jackson but this is BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!in the woòooooooooooooooorld

Guest a month ago

why am i spelling wrong like come on dude really really at least 100 words dude ugh how about 20 or more

Guest a month ago

i really meant worm book worm not book worn am sorry about omg every time i try to send this message or whatever it says at least 100 words

Guest a month ago

when i first read this book i was WOW dang this book is really good SO GOOD more of Rick Riordan am going to ask my mom if i can get more of these i think this meanit maybe i don't know be the first book i liked in like i long and am a book worn

Guest a month ago

This book is great, like all Rick Riordan books. But I wonder, how many books are in Magnus Chase series?
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